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Cats are meticulous in their cleaning habits. According to Troy Animal Hospital and Bird Clinic Experts, cats spend 15 percent of their time self-grooming and a clean litter box is essential to their lifestyles. Recently automatic cat litter boxes have been introduced into the multitude of choices that already exist in the feline waste market and are a great choice for owners to provide the ideal hygienic environment for their pets. Here are four reasons why an automatic litter container is right for your cat: 1. Easy cleanup: With one of these automated machines, cat owners will find it simpler to handle the cleanup of their favorite companions. After every time the kitty does its business, a rake glides through the box depositing the cats' waste into a plastic receptacle that can be easily removed and discarded every few days. This eliminates the hassle of an everyday manual cleanup while still keeping one's habitually clean furry companion happy. According to Pet Product Advisor, a website dedicated to reviews of pet products by veterinary experts, there may be an occasional manual scoop due to the clogging of the rake, but if the owner uses the recommended litter product the box of their choice requires, the issue will not be rampant. 2. More hygienic: While many owners clean their cats' litter boxes daily, sometimes it is not a possibility. Because the automatic litter container has a sensor that activates the box rake after every time the cat of the home makes a use, the owner, even if time doesn't allow, is ensured that their valued pet is able to enjoy a newly clean environment every use. 3. Odor preventing: One of the most valued reasons to obtain an automated litter container is the reduction of odor that an after-use cleanup provides. While a covered litter box that comes with an odor filter will do the job to maintain any unpleasant scent from the nostrils of owners, their cats' sensitive sense of smell will be affected by the concentration of smells kept in the litter container by the hood. Automatic litter boxes do not have this issue. If privacy is a concern for owners and their kitties, tents are available to solve the issue without concentrating any odors. 4. Fun for cats: For owners that appreciate a good laugh as a result of their feline friends, a self-cleaning litter box is ideal. The sounds and movements of the rake in the box have been a type of enjoyment for cats who are ever curious. For this however, reviewers all over the web recommend wall outlet powered boxes as opposed to battery-powered boxes which will quickly run out of batteries while a playful cat finds its enjoyment. These self-cleansing litter containers are at the higher end in pricing in the market of litter boxes costing anywhere from $100-$400. However, the great reduction in the labor to maintain a clean cat litter container is well worth.  


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